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08.00 - 20.00

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Kieran Igwe

Welcome to fit20: Fitness with Personal Trainer in Leeds Farsley

fit20 is an intensive personal training of 20 minutes per week. At fit20 Leeds Farsley you always train under the guidance of your personal trainer. You train once per week, by appointment, in your everyday clothes, showering is unnecessary. You train either alone or together with a partner. fit20 gives quick results and the training is easy to sustain for years.

Are you curious? Or can you not believe that getting fit in 20 minutes per week actually works? Do you have any questions about the fit20 training? We would like to invite you to come and do a free, no-obligation introductory training with the personal trainer at the fit20 Leeds Farsley studio. Experience fit20 yourself and then decide whether fit20 is something for you!

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Customers about fit20

“I feel stronger and fitter. I am 9 months into my fit20 experience and I have never looked back.”

Paul Campbell (43 yrs ) - owner Effective Group (UK) Ltd |
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“My blood pressure is the lowest it's ever been and fit20 is the only thing I've done differently.”

Valerie Hollingworth (66 yrs) - retired school business manager
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“After more than six months training I have noticed during my other sports activities that my basic condition has improved as well as the condition and definition of my muscles.”

Jan Willem van Weerdenburg (35 jaar) - accountant Iding vechtstreek bv.
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"I play golf and when I previously had walked 18 holes I was dead tired. Now I can do that more or less without problems."

Michiel van Haastert (59 jaar) - doctor
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Latest news

Breathe for Health

Breathing is so automatic that few of us pay it much attention. We would all benefit from being more aware of our breathing, it is a focus in yoga and meditation and also for fit20 training.

Strength training and bone health

Most of us know that strength training can help build and maintain muscle mass and strength. But did you know that strong muscles lead to strong bones.

Training Type 2b muscle fiber

Your muscles consists of various types of muscle fibers. Your nervous system activates muscle fibers based on how much force you need to produce, and for how long.

fit20 Personal Trainer, experience it for free!

Anyone wanting individual attention, quality and service, will feel comfortable at fit20. But we always say: you should experience fit20 first. So make an appointment for a free, no-obligation introductory training now and then decide if you want to come to train and stay fit with fit20.

- Only 20 minutes per week
- always with a personal trainer and by appointment
- noticeable and measurable results within 3 months
- exercise without changing clothes or showering

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