What results can you expect from your fit20 training?

fit20 UK

The longer you continue your fit20 training, the better your results will be. Even if your performance plateaus at times, your fit20 programme has a positive and lasting effect in all the areas described below. Which of these benefits have you noticed already?

➤ Your functional strength has increased significantly
You will notice this for example when climbing stairs, lifting heavy loads or working in the garden. You will also improve your performance in recreational sports such as golf, tennis, skiing, horse riding or cycling.

➤ Your endurance has increased
You’ll be able to sustain exercise for longer and your breathing will recover more quickly after exertion.

➤ You have more energy
This is partly due to the aerobic process in the mitochondria (the energy factories found in every body cell). Hormonal effects also impact: your insulin levels become more constant and testosterone levels improve.

➤ Your clothes fit better
Especially around your abdomen because fit20 training significantly improves both your metabolism and insulin system. However, as muscles are heavier than fat, you may not actually lose weight even though your body shape and tone improves.

➤ You have improved muscle tone and body shape
Your mirror and the fit of your clothes are therefore more important than the scales in showing you how you’re doing. When you build muscle, your entire metabolism elevates. Muscle tissue needs more fuel than fat, so your basal metabolic rate rises and you use up more calories with no additional effort. Because your muscles grow stronger, your energy usage at rest is also higher than before. This contributes to a healthy body shape and composition.

➤ Your insulin sensitivity has improved
Muscle tissue contains many insulin receptors which bind insulin, allowing glucose to enter the cell easily, keeping your blood sugar levels constant and helping to prevent problems such as type 2 diabetes. The less insulin and glucose in your blood, the more efficiently you’ll burn fat and reduce your total body fat percentage.

➤ Your endocrine system has become healthier.
Levels of stress hormones and insulin reduce, while there is a rise in hormones controlling growth and sexual function. This shift has a strong anti-ageing effect which you will experience as improvements in energy levels, libido and general mood. In addition, your immune system will become more resilient.

➤ You have fewer injuries and less back pain.
Many clients find that back pain disappears completely after just a few months of fit20 training. Bone density increases, a benefit that is especially important for preventing osteoporosis in peri- and post-menopausal women.