Minimal Training Time for Optimal Results

The fit20 Study was published in January 2021 and it has made waves in the fitness community, and those waves are hitting the sports community now, too.

Dr James Steele, an expert in sport and fitness science, explains how the sports community wants to adapt the fit20 fitness regimen for their own benefit.

“There’s actually a growing interest from the sport performance side of things as well in using these kinds of approaches because if… they can produce the greatest possible improvements in the gym through resistance training with minimal time commitment, that gives them more time to be able to practise the specific skills associated with their performance specifically.”

Performing 20 minutes of high intensity workouts per week has been proven, in The fit20 Study, to be just as beneficial at increasing and maintaining strength as a more time consuming exercise routine.

Watch the series of short videos detailing the findings of The fit20 Study to learn more, available on YouTube.

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