Why an established fitness business owner bought a fit20 franchise

fit20 UK

Those who know fit20 Leeds owner, Kieran Igwe, say that he doesn't talk all that much... Except when it comes to:
1) Helping people with their fitness and
2) Trying to build a world class fitness business

We're proud to announce that Kieran was invited to spend some time with Lawrence Neal from High Intensity Business talking about just that.
The outcome?
A pretty cool podcast episode that covers:

- Why Kieran bought a fit20UK franchise (even though he'd already built a successful fitness business from the ground up)
- Why he wanted everyone he cares about to start doing High Intensity Strength Training (P.S. This is absolutely NOT the same as High Intensity Interval Training - confusing, we know )
- The Pros of a High Intensity Training business (for the would-be business owner)
- Reasons why you SHOULDN'T take on a fitness franchise and why he did anyway

If you're remotely interested in fitness or business, check out the episode here:

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