Want the Benefits of Weights & Cardio But Dislike Gyms?

As more and more women (and men!) discover the benefits of weight training, this article in The Independent reinforces what we've known for years at fit20! But a lot of women, and men are put off doing weights. Their reasons range from finding gyms too intimidating, not liking how they look in gym gear, to not knowing what to do by themselves. Add to that a dislike for loud music, and not having the time to train 3 times, or more each week it's no surprise that so many people fail to get started. Thanks to fit20, you can have all the benefits in one training session per week! Now there really is no excuse.

Read the article here.

So you can experience the benefits we are offering a FREE introductory training session. And because you don't sweat, there's no need to shower or change after your workout; saving you time to do the things that matter most to you!

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