My mission: To get fitter in 20 minutes a week

Klantverhaal Michiel van Haastert

“I look forward to my next session”

My name is James Evans, editor of Look Local, and I’m taking part in a three-month trial at fit20 at Stocksbridge's Fox Valley.

My fitness is terrible, no other way of putting it! Although I have been to gyms in the past and have undertaken various other training regimes, l've eventually given up and gone back to being overweight.

So when Niri Patel at fit20 said he could help improve my fitness with a 20-minute workout every week, without even breaking into a sweat, it sounded right up my street!

If you find going to the gym is too time consuming, then the brand new multi-award winning fit20 at Stocksbridge's Fox Valley could be just the thing to get you fit and healthy.

fit20 is all about getting you fit in just20 minutes per week with their personalised HIT (high intensity training) sessions which exercise the five major muscle groups i.e. legs, arms, abdomen, shoulders, chest and back.

Under personalised supervision, your muscles are worked just beyond their limits, and since your body is great at responding and adapting to change, your muscles grow stronger and your metabolism is optimised.

This calm and contemporary flagship studio is headed by Niri Patel and he is keen to let people know that fit20 avoids 'The Three Ms' that most people hate about normal gyms- music, mirrors and minging smells!

The training consists of slow and controlled movements in a cool, air conditioned studio which means no sweat and no need to change into gym clothes- this makes it perfect for slotting into a busy lifestyle between work and picking the kids up from school.

All of your sessions are supervised by a personal trainer and make use of the latest technology to track your progress and weekly results. The personal trainer will ensure that you focus and work hard, carry out all training in the correct way with the correct posture, and most importantly, that you are completely safe.

I've had three workouts now and although 1 can’t say I've felt a difference in everyday life yet, the exercises have certainly got easier and other clients have enjoyed fantastic results, including Garry Anderson who has increased his strength by 42% after 24 sessions. The numbers don’t lie! 1 look forward to my next session. I’Il write another article soon and I’ll include some of my own numbers. Stay tuned!

fit20 can be found at Harry Brearley House at Fox Valley in the purpose built fitness suite.

James Evans, editor of Look Newspaper