It’s time to rethink what’s good for our bodies

Did you know that you can do too much exercise and actually reduce your mortality?

New scientific studies are actually showing that too much exercise, especially over the age of 40, can damage the body. We need to tailor our activity levels to our age. In other words we need to be thinking about quality over quantity.

We can weaken our immune system if we ignore the fact that our body needs time to recuperate.

As our muscles deteriorate with age we know we need to be exercising to remain fit and healthy, but what does science say is the answer?

Instead of breaking the body down through too much cardio like running, we need to do exercise that builds the body up and aids a longer, stronger life. One way of achieving this is with slow-motion strength training.

fit20 offers one on one slow-motion strength training with a personal trainer in bespoke studios, and it only takes 20 minutes a week to become 30% to 50% stronger. fit20 is an approach to exercise that is practical, science backed and effective.

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