Don't i have to sweat to burn fat?

You don't have to sweat to burn fat, or to get fitter and stronger!

Sweating has no effect on burning fat. When the glucose stores (glycogen) in your muscles run out, your body will burn free fatty acids. There’s no faster way to use up your glycogen than intensive fit20 training.

In addition, fit20 training improves your body’s response to insulin, so if you take care not to overload on carbohydrates, your body will stay in its fat burning mode for many hours all day.

So you see… fit20 training is the perfect way to burn fat – without working up a sweat!

We know it sounds too good to be true so we are offering a free introductory training session. And because you don't sweat, there's no need to shower or change after your workout; saving you time to do the things that matter most to you!

PS: Book early because slots are filling up fast.