Can you really get fit in 20 minutes per week?

Klantverhaal Michiel van Haastert

“I certainly fit in some of my T-shirts that I didn’t before”

James Evans, editor of Look Local is taking part in a three-month trial at fit20 at Stocksbridge's Fox Valley.

I’ve been going to Fit20 at Fox Valley for around two months now, apart from a two-week break I took for a holiday.

The sessions, held in a temperature-controlled room, take place once a week and just for 20 minutes. Another quirk is that you keep your regular clothes on – no need to get changed or shower.

Each session consists of a number of exercises on weight machines, all closely watched over by a personal trainer. The role of the personal trainer is slightly different to what you might be used to – they set up all the equipment for you and crucially adjust your starting position and posture. They also help you get your timing right.

Timing is key to the fit20 programm. You do each exercise very slowly for two minutes, usually counting to 10 when flexing the muscle, then again to 10 as you come back.

After two minutes of this, you hold for 10 seconds before finishing the exercise. I’m told that the rest period will decrease as I continue my programm, making it more intensive.

I was shown my progress chart and some of the results, available for me to see in black and white, have been surprising.

I definitely feel stronger and the weights have been gradually increased each time I go and I think I’ve lost a bit of weight – I certainly fit in some of my T-shirts that I didn’t before.

So far it’s been a positive experience and I look forward to continuing with my progress! Visit Fit20 in Fox Valley or visit their website at

Next week, I’ll reveal a little more about Fit20, the first of its kind in the UK, and the man who started it, Niri Patel.

James Evans, editor of Look Newspaper