Why are fast food chains open while gyms must stay shut?

Is fast or junk food really “essential”? It’s very convenient to grab a burger and fries, a bucket of chicken, or sausage roll, but what impact does this type of food have on the nation’s health? Obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are prevalent and even our PM recently made reference to the higher risk it presents for those affected by Covid-19.

Meanwhile gyms and personal training studios remain closed as part of lockdown measures. Is it time for these to open up, so that those who struggle with their weight, or find it difficult to take effective exercise, can get the help of an expert personal trainer to overcome their weight-loss challenge? At fit20, our training protocol ensures adequate physical distancing is maintained. Many people, particularly the elderly, or those with mobility issues or injuries cannot get the necessary amount of volume based exercise. (eg walking, jogging, cycling etc) to improve their metabolism and reduce excess body fat. High intensity training, done slowly (makes it safe) and under the expert supervision of a personal trainer to ensure correct form, safety and effectiveness , on the other hand, can help. As each session is by appointment, the studio is booked for the exclusive use of the client so it’s probably safer than going to the supermarket for your weekly shop at the moment!

Please get in touch if you’d like some help with getting your weight under control.