Focus on Franchise Owners: Kieran’s Story

Kieran owns and runs fit20 Farsley and is set to open fit20 Moortown shortly. We asked him how he found fit20 and how his successes at Farsley have meant he can open a second site at Moortown in affluent North Leeds.

"After finishing college, the late nights, poor eating habits and NO exercise became the norm. Unsurprisingly it got to a point where I hit rock bottom. I felt lousy. I wasn’t happy with how out of shape I’d let myself get - both physically and mentally. I’d lost my confidence and didn’t feel particularly positive about the future. One day I decided enough was enough!

Inspired by a book called How to Eat Move & be Healthy by Paul Chek I started exercising regularly. I began eating well and taking better care of myself.

I started feeling better, more energised, more confident and proud of what I’d achieved. It inspired me to take the next step, get qualified as a personal trainer and start helping others get back to their version of happy.

Since working in and for gyms in 2011 I managed to open my first personal training facility - Diligent Fitness.

It worked well for those who could commit to training 3+ times per week and invest hundreds of pounds each month to train with us each month. Unfortunately that is a really small percentage of the UK population.

So when I heard about fit20 and the results they were achieving utilising the fit20 formula in over 120+ studios in Holland I recognised an opportunity to be able to help more people here in the UK.

In 2017 I launched my first fit20 studio in Farsley, Leeds. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, running over 115 Duo and One to One training sessions per week at our exclusive studio. Our expert personal trainers help clients across Leeds every day of the week, with the combination of effective, time efficient workouts. We see phenomenal results in our clients every day!

I'm very proud to say that me and my team now serve more than 115 members in and around Leeds. The fit20 concept is great for retaining members as it fits into their busy lives and they've committed to attend their weekly appointment. We have great people here; many have been with us since we first opened and will likely be here for years to come.

They were also very happy to come back after lockdown as the studio lends itself so well to social distancing and keeping very high standards of cleanliness.

Following the great success of my members loving fit20 in Farsley, I am now ready to expand to Moortown in North Leeds! My new studio, located on Moortown corner is located in a real hub of activity near the suburbs or Moortown, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay and Alwoodley.

If you’re nearby and would like to arrange a free trial at fit20 Farsley or Moortown - you can contact Kieran here.

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