Customer story of Eleanor

Our congratulations go out to Eleanor Selley, Property Investor, who has just completed 41 weeks of training with fit20 Exeter.

When asked what benefits & results Eleanor has experienced:
'I have lost weight, toned up, have a lot more strength when walking and have increased my confidence in my overall body strength. My breathing is better, my Osteoporosis has improved – feel I have stronger bones – and have more confidence in my ability to exercise. I feel far more balanced and stable than before and I look and feel slimmer!'

'I have found fit20 addictive and do not miss any sessions. I previously used to get back ache, though not anymore! I have less stiffness – particularly after long drives, and less fatigue - especially after hiking.'

What do you love most about the fit20 training:
'My trainer, Pete! – he is enthusiastic and professional, the studio is always exceptionally clean, private and no music so I keep focused on my training.'

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying fit20 for themselves:
'Just do it! – give it a go!'

'fit20 gives you motivation to get your blood pressure down and you learn more about training as time goes on with additional handouts and information'

'I have learnt about additional benefits fit20 can give you other than the usual ‘getting fitter and losing weight’, such as, improving blood pressure and improving overall energy levels'

If you would like to experience benefits like Eleanor, why not come along for a free session: