Customer story of Valerie Hollingworth

Klantverhaal Michiel van Haastert

“My blood pressure is the lowest it's ever been thanks to fit20.”

I started fit20 with my husband, mainly to help him get fitter and stronger. My husband, Graham had lost a lot of muscle mass a few months ago after catching a flu virus that he struggled to shift. I have been amazed by what you can achieve in 20 minutes per week. My doctors are also amazed at how my high blood pressure is now the lowest its ever been and my medication is being reduced.

This training works very well and I tell everyone I meet about the wonderful results we're experiencing.

The trainers are excellent- they take great care to ensure we train safely and we always come away from our fit20 training session feeling great and ready to take on the week ahead.

Valerie Hollingworth (66 years) retired school business manager