Customer story of Sami

Want to reduce back pain, and improve your mental health?

Sami, who is a carer, has been training with us for 24 weeks and has identified some fantastic results.....

'Overall my general fitness and posture has improved. I have a Thyroid issue that can cause joint pain, though I have noticed it is much better especially in my knees and back. Originally I thought it was my mattress though there was no difference after replacing it. Since starting fit20 training there is 100% improvement – I do not wake up with any back pain at all!'

'Mentally my confidence has significantly improved. I suffer with depression and anxiety and this is much better now – low points are nowhere near as bad.'

'The best thing about fit20 is that it is just so convenient – I come after work, it is not time consuming, the team are so nice, friendly, welcoming, and very supportive!'

When asked what she would say to someone who is thinking about trying fit20:

'Give it a go, even if you are sceptical as I was – you will be surprised and will notice the benefits of this – it does not hurt to try!'

If you would like to experience great results like Sami, come along for a free session: