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Customer story of Paul Cambell

Klantverhaal Michiel van Haastert

“I am stronger and fitter. I have never had the results that I am getting with fit20.”

I am loving my fit20 experience. It is unlike any other exercise I have ever done. When I was first told about the concept, I thought there was no way you could get fit in 20 minutes per week. How wrong was I? The 20 means 20 minutes! You really have to try it to believe it.

The extremely slow movements, combined with heavy weights is a powerful combination. Add to that a Personal Trainer dedicated to you who ensures your technique is perfect 100% of the time.

I have used weights on and off all my adult life, but I have never had the results that I am getting with fit20. What I mean by that is that I still feel like I have used weights 4,5 and 6 days after my session. I never achieved that at the local gym. As a result I feel stronger and fitter and I plan to continue to train this way for life.

Paul Campbell (43 years) Director, Effective Group (UK) Ltd