Vicki Holdcroft's fit20 Journey: Empowering Fitness and Strength

Vicki Houldcroft_fit20 Twyford

Meet Vicki Holdcroft, a 42-year-old teaching assistant, on her inspiring fit20 journey at Twyford. Since joining fit20 in April 2023, Vicki has experienced remarkable improvements in her fitness and well-being.

When did you join fit20, and what were your goals?

"I joined fit20 Twyford in April 2023 as I wanted to improve my overall fitness."

What results are you seeing?

"In just a few months I have already noticed significant changes. I feel better in myself. My shoulder feels stronger and I’m finding it easier to walk up the stairs."

How has your experience been with your personal trainer at fit20 Twyford?

"My personal trainer is great. She is very encouraging."

Would you recommend fit20 to others?

"Absolutely. I already have."

With just one 20-minute session per week, Vicki has experienced improved fitness, strength, and overall well-being.

The convenience and effectiveness of one weekly session and the encouragement and guidance from personal trainers make fit20 an ideal fitness program for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being.

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