Rediscovering Strength and Mobility: Juanita's Journey with fit20

Juanita Groenewald_changed by fit20_fit20 Twyford

Meet Juanita Groenewald, an adventurous 51-year-old woman who's passionate about the outdoors, people, and making the most of life. In her quest to remain active and healthy, Juanita embarked on her fit20 journey. Here, she shares her experiences, insights, and the wonderful transformations she's witnessed along the way.

Please introduce yourself.

"Hi, I am Juanita Groenewald. I am a busy 51-year-old (young) woman who loves the outdoors, walking people and trying to live life to the fullest."

Before starting at fit20, how were you feeling? What were you wanting to achieve? What were some of the differences you wanted?

"I have noticed that with age comes stiff, achy joints with a lack of strength. I wanted to be stronger to protect my joints and overall mobility and flexibility. I wanted more stamina."

What made you interested in trying the fit20 versus just going to a gym?

"I wanted to see for myself if it is really possible to get fitter and stronger in 20 minutes per week. I was curious."

Why do you think fit20 works for you?

"It’s only 20 minutes once a week! No busy, crowded, sweaty, smelly big gyms. No waiting for a training machine. I can commit to 20 minutes per week in my busy schedule."

What differences have you noticed in yourself since starting that you're most proud of?

"My arms aren’t as flabby anymore. I was helping a friend in the garden, and I needed to move some concrete blocks. Moving those blocks made me realise how much stronger I had become."

What differences have others noticed or commented on since you started?

"That my arms have become more toned and that I have nice strong legs!"

What would you say to anyone who's not sure if fit20 can work for them?

"Just give it a try. Even after only 1 session you will realise that you have muscles in places that you never knew!"

Juanita's experience with fit20 is the perfect example of what can be achieved in just 20 minutes a week. If her story has sparked your curiosity, why not give fit20 a try. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results you can achieve with our efficient and effective approach.

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