Customer Story of Yvonne Rego

fit20 Leeds - Yvonne Rego

Yvonne is a member at fit20 Farsley. We asked her to share her experience with fit20 so far.

Think back 5 months ago when you were just about to start fit20. How were you feeling? What were you wanting to achieve? What were some of the differences you wanted?

Prior to starting with fit20 I was feeling weak and unfit. I wanted body strength, muscle toning and hopefully weight loss.

Before joining, what else had you already tried? What made you interested in trying fit20 versus just going to a gym?

Before joining fit20 I had joined a local gym. I hated the thought of having to go multiple times a week and totally disliked the loud music and dozens of younger people fighting for the same machines.

What have you found most helpful about working with us at fit20?

fit20 fits into my busy schedule. Twenty minutes per week is perfect. I love having a personal trainer who knows my abilities and tracks my progress.

What have you learned about yourself or exercise since starting out?

It’s hard to believe that only 20 minutes per week can have any kind of impact. However, I am now a total believer! I am definitely stronger, feel more energised and have lost eleven pounds of fat without dieting. I can see muscle definition where none existed before. Others have commented on how much better I’m looking after such a short period of time.

What differences have you noticed in yourself since starting that you're most proud of?

I am no longer lethargic and my body no longer aches. My constant back pain has almost disappeared. Last week I took a 5 mile walk, much of it uphill and didn’t stop once to catch my breath. My younger companion had to stop twice. Prior to joining fit20 I wouldn’t have even attempted that uphill walk.

What differences have others noticed or commented on since you started?

Many of my friends and colleagues have noticed how different I’m looking and how much energy I have. Many live in areas where fit20 doesn’t have a gym and they are upset they cannot join.

What would you say to anyone who's not sure if fit20 can work for them?

I don’t know anyone who truly loves to go the gym, but many who want the results that only a gym can give. fit20 is giving me the results in 20 minutes a week that many years ago I got from visiting a gym for 80 minutes a day, 5 days a week with a personal trainer. fit20 works!!! 20 minutes is all you need to get amazing results and change your life.

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