Customer Story of Peter Eggleston

fit20 Exeter - Peter Eggleston

Our very own Personal Trainer from fit20 Exeter, Peter Eggleston, recently completed his 100th fit20 session.

We asked him how fit20 has changed his life.

"Today I have completed my 100th session at fit20 so I really do believe in it and I'm so passionate about fit20. I'm truly living and breathing it.

Like many of our clients I have seen some real changes physically aside from significant strength changes. One major benefit is, I have always struggled with my lower back and tight hamstrings. I regularly suffered with back spasms and sciatica. Despite doing exercise, yoga and pilates, I often had to spend time with an osteopath.

Through training only in the fit20 studio, I no longer get back ache! The flexibility in my hamstrings has massively improved without doing specific flexibility work. My body is much better balanced physically with less difference between left and right.

When I was running more seriously 4 years ago I was always getting bad DOMs (post run muscle soreness). Now, as I train for my first 1/2 marathon, the way I feel post runs is completely different as I'm so much stronger than I was back then.

I have become more toned and broader on my upper body much to my wife's approval without really trying too hard. Just one 20 minute training session a week. I am no 'gym rat' and never will be and with a young family, I do not have the time to spend hours in a gym. So for a busy PT, father and husband, fit20 fits my schedule perfectly."

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