Customer Story of Karen Simmons

fit20 Exeter - Karen Simmons

We are very passionate about helping people to get fit and healthy.

This testimonial from Karen Simmons highlights exactly why we do what we do.

"After having breast cancer surgery and lymph node removal last year, I could barely lift my arm up above shoulder height. I’d also gained a lot of weight through being so sedentary for months and my joints got really stiff and painful.

I was recommended fit20 a few months ago and thanks to the kind, friendly and knowledgeable staff I have now got full movement in my arm as well as building my body strength. My knees are much better, and I’ve even managed to lose weight and fit back into my clothes that I had to stop wearing.

My confidence is gradually coming back, and I am so grateful for the encouragement, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend fit20 to people that want to improve their body strength and fitness levels without having to jump for hours in a gym. Thank you fit20 team you are amazing."

Keep up the good work Karen! Strength changes everything!

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