Customer Story of Janet Sawyer MBE BEM

fit20 Exeter - Janet Sawyer MBE BEM

Janet Sawyer MBE BEM recently completed her 100th fit20 session. We asked Janet how fit20 makes her feel.

“Thank you to Jeff & Duncan from fit20 Exeter for the continuous uplifting encouragement I have been given to enjoy keeping fit. My trophy will be treasured to remind me to keep going. It is all worthwhile and makes me happy!”

Janet is the CEO for LittlePod the Vanilla Company - a local company specialising in natural vanilla. She loves her training and values it and her team so much that the LittlePod team are all training at fit20 Exeter.

Janet really is inspirational. She recently gave a speech in Plymouth on loneliness and social isolation as part of Mental Health Awareness Week and she kindly shared the link with us. It's definitely worth a watch! - Click here to watch.

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