Amanda's Journey to Improved Mobility and Well-Being with fit20

Amanda - fit20 Stocksbridge

Meet Amanda, a member at fit20 Stocksbridge, who shares her experience and the positive impact fit20 has had on her life.

"I came to fit20 because I was very stiff, not very mobile or flexible. I’d also got a back problem. The other thing that attracted me was the amount of time it takes, not having to get showered or changed, plus you get 1:1 training."

"I can gauge the benefits from everyday activities which have become easier: going up and down stairs, walking, not suffering as many cramps at night when I’m in bed. My back pain has reduced and I’m still able to do the exercises despite it."

One of the most remarkable changes Amanda observed was the reduction in her back pain. Despite her initial concerns, she found that fit20's low-impact, high-intensity training was not only manageable but also effective. Amanda was able to continue with her exercises, and her back pain gradually decreased.

Amanda's experience is a testament to the individualised, results-driven approach of fit20. The 1:1 training sessions, tailored to her specific needs, played a crucial role in her journey to improved well-being.

Whether you're looking to address specific health concerns, improve mobility, or simply enjoy the convenience of a quick and effective fitness routine, fit20 can make a significant difference.

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